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“Монголын уул уурхайн тухай” гадаадын э-хэвлэлийн мэдээнээс
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2010.12.13. Ivanhoe Mines To Invest US$2.5 Bln. In Mongolia For 2011; Shares Up - Update (12/13/2010 12:31:00 PM RTTNews)-Canada-based Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. (IVNIVN.TO), Monday revealed a US$2.3 billion capital budget for 2011, for the first phase of its Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold project in southern Mongolia. Ivanhoe shares gained over 5% in the morning trade on the New York Stock Exchange, following the news.
The Oyu Tolgoi project is Ivanhoe's main mining property, located in Southern Mongolia. The mine is being developed in partnership with the Government of Mongolia, which owns a 34% stake, with the rest being held by Ivanhoe. The company is grooming the project along with U.K.-based mining behemoth Rio Tinto Plc (RIORIO.L). Click here:

2010.12.09. Rio Tinto shed 3%. The mining giant agreed to take over the management of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold project in Mongolia from Canada's Ivanhoe Mines.(Эх сурвалж: Evening Euro Markets  Bulletin. 08 Dec 2010  17:50:15).   
2010.12.08. 12/08/2010 8:52AM - Market Wire Ivanhoe Mines and Rio Tinto Approve Agreement to Provide Funding to Continue Full-Scale Construction Toward Early Production in 2012 From First Phase of Oyu Tolgoi Copper-Gold Complex in Mongolia.

New and Existing Funding Measures Could Yield Up to US$6.5 Billion Rio Tinto to Fully Participate in Ivanhoe Mines' Expanded Rights Offering Now Intended to Raise Up to US$1.2 Billion Companies Agree to Suspend Arbitration Proceeding for 6 Months

ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 12/08/10 -- Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. (TSX: IVN)(NYSE: IVN)(NASDAQ: IVN) -
--  Rio Tinto to immediately exercise US$300 million portion of Series B
    Ivanhoe warrants
--  Rio Tinto to purchase 20 million Ivanhoe shares at market price
--  Firm cap of 49% on Rio Tinto's ownership stake in Ivanhoe Mines to
    continue until January 18, 2012
--  Rio Tinto to work with Ivanhoe to secure a comprehensive project-finance
--  Rio Tinto to provide Ivanhoe with up to US$1.8 billion in interim
--  Rio Tinto to assume management of Oyu Tolgoi Project, subject to
    approval of Oyu Tolgoi LLC board
Ivanhoe Mines and Rio Tinto have reached a comprehensive agreement covering a series of measures intended to provide funding to complete the accelerated, full-scale construction of the first phase of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold complex in southern Mongolia, Ivanhoe Mines' Office of the Chairman announced today.
The full series of funding measures, including an interim funding facility from Rio Tinto and cash on hand available to Ivanhoe Mines, could increase to US$6.5 billion the pool of development capital available to Ivanhoe to bring Oyu Tolgoi into full production and also to finance associated investments. Read more. Click here:

2010.10.22. Laugh if you like, but Mongolia is a serious play.  By David Stevenson. Published: October 22 2010 16:28 | Last updated: October 22 2010 16:28
I’ve been talking up the imminent arrival of Mongolia as a hot new investing destination for years now, usually to hoots of derision.
Last week, though, I had not one but three separate confirmations that Mongolia has finally become the newest “in thing” in the fickle world of investing. The first indicator was at an event for a City think-tank called the CSFI. This august institution usually doesn’t talk much about adventurous investing and certainly not about Mongolia but at a gathering of Big Bears – pessimistic types predicting a coming financial storm – the subject of Mongolia came up.
While most of the speakers were rather predictably banging on about gold, one talked about the growing supply issues facing the global resources sector and the fact that Mongolia seems to have most of the easy access mega projects worth investing in. Crucially, its canny political leadership has no intention of being gobbled up by either the Chinese or the Russians in a resources land grab and is busily playing off each of these superpowers. For example, a new railway project linking Mongolia’s vast coal deposits to its chief customer in China goes all the way to the border but has been built using Russian track gauges.
A couple of days later, another development caught my attention – namely that one of the most successful international stockpickers, James Barstow at Aurora investment trust, has made a big bet on a Mongolian oil play called PetroMatad, which is itself attracting huge attention among the speculative small-cap brigade on the London market. Barstow has also made big bets on London- listed West China Cement, which is an indirect play on the infrastructure and resources boom in neighbouring Inner Mongolia (source of most of China’s coal reserves) and Shaanxi province. It’s best to see the Mongolia story as part of a wider regional narrative that includes the Chinese resource-rich provinces of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, as well as the state of Mongolia proper.
The clincher for me, though, came with the news that a specialist investment research firm called Eurasia has launched  . . . wait for it  . . . a Mongolian equity tracking index. Now before we all fall over ourselves to issue buy orders for that lesser-spotted Mongolian exchange-traded fund, I should say that the index is still a vulnerable, young waif, comprising an odd mixture of hugely speculative miners and a few financial services groups. But its launch speaks of a new mania gripping the Asian markets. Barely a week goes by without some Hong Kong-based outfit announcing it’s about to launch a big new Mongolian division. I’ve heard of aircraft arriving in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, crammed full of bankers, mining execs and stock promoters all desperate to come up with the next Big Mongolian Thing.
I’d suggest that the fun and games have only just begun when it comes to this landlocked, resource- rich country. I’m absolutely certain that we’ll see some specific Mongolian funds emerge which that offer investors a more attractive play on this frontier market – at the moment all but a handful of the companies on the Eurasia index are very specific resource exploration companies. The biggest opportunities will be in the broader service economy sector as well as in real estate and infrastructure. But I predict the multiplier effects of billion-dollar projects will cascade into the small, illiquid local stock market, triggering a massive bubble.
Origo’s chief executive Chris Rynning says: “It is inevitable that Mongolia will experience bubbles with international investors charging in, creating immediate domestic wealth and rapid asset appreciation.” He adds the important caveat that “a lot of Mongolian companies look very pricey already. I think many of them will struggle to meet their production targets, mainly because of slower-than-expected infrastructure build-out”.

2010.10.18. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have formally abandoned their Australian iron ore joint venture after being told by regulators in Europe, Australia and Asia that their proposal would not be approved. The decision to walk away from the venture, announced in June last year and estimated by analysts to be worth $116bn, had been widely expected after the proposal to create the world’s top iron ore exporter encountered stiff resistance from the steelmaking industry, the FT reports. (Эх сурвалж: Evening Euro Markets  Bulletin. Monday 18 oct 2010).
 2010.10.13. Metals: Seam stress ...Chilean and North American copper veins, as well as Indonesian tin, on the wane, miners are forced to turn to countries such as Mongolia, Afghanistan and Congo. “There’s no doubt that the best resources in the first world have been developed,” says... By Jack Farchy and Javier Blas in London.
2010.10.05. Mongolia confident IPO will ease doubts Mongolia’s pitch to become the new frontier...state champion”, as Zorigt Dashdorj, Mongolia’s mining minister calls MMC, comes as the...applies to all large mineral projects in Mongolia, including Oyu Tolgoi, the copper... ...but vast deposits of coal, copper and gold. The arrival of this Zorigt Dashdorj, Mongolia’s mining minister calls...s deposits of coking coal, which is used to make...mineral projects in Mongolia, including Oyu Tolgoi, the copper-gold mine that defines the... By William MacNamara in London, Leslie Hook in Beijing, and Robert Cookson in Hong Kong.
2010.09.20. Rio Tinto confirmed today that it has acquired 40,083,206 common shares of Ivanhoe Mines, increasing its ownership by 5.3 per cent to 34.9 per cent of Ivanhoe Mines' outstanding common shares 
April 18, 2010. Эх сурвалж:
PE firm rethinks Laos/Cambodia fund
….“Interest in China has remained strong so we changed the theme of the fund to make it an extended China play, incorporating both Cambodia and Laos, and introduced the new Mongolia fund,” he explains. …The Mongolia vehicle will be launched in the second quarter of 2010 and will focus on sectors including mining, renewable energy and distribution. Though Mongolia has just 2.6m people in an area the size of France and Germany combined, the discovery of minerals makes it valuable to China. …No investor in Cambodia, Laos or Mongolia should be under any delusion about the risks involved. Investments require long-term money and patience… By Elaine Moore
April 16, 2010. Эх сурвалж:
Adventurous Investor: Two small-cap mining funds
I’d also recommend taking the time to look in detail at the holdings inherited from the Genus portfolio: it is a tight portfolio of fewer than 20 investments, with a focus on Mongolia (Gobi Coal), Brazil (Ferrous Resources) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Ivanplats). By David Stevenson.

• April 14, 2010
Mongolia approves east-west railway network
...confirmed to investors at a conference in Hong Kong that the railway project was moving...resource deposits that extend along Mongolia's southern perimeter in the south...the deposits - including Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe Mines' copper project at...investors that a new, technocratic, and multi-party leadership has a blueprint...Plans include partial privatisation and flotations of many state-owned resource assets. Mongolia's investment case has gained credibility...investment agreement last October.In Hong Kong, Mr Batbold told reporters that Hong... By William MacNamara in London
• April 13, 2010
Mongolia gets rail project on track
...confirmed to investors a conference in Hong Kong that the railway project was moving...resource deposits that extend along Mongolia’s southern perimeter in the south...the deposits – including Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe Mines’ world-class copper...project was approved by the government and mining company developers Ivanhoe Mines and Rio Tinto.In Hong Kong, Mr Batbold told reporters that was the best gateway to China, Mongolia’s biggest trade partner.The rails... By William MacNamara in London

• February 10, 2010
Mongolia coalfield still open to foreign investors
...Foreign mining companies are likely to remain involved in developing Mongolia's huge Tavan Tolgoi coal project...Plans to privatise Tavan Tolgoi have not been cancelled," the spokesman said...for us. The time of the tender has not been decided yet."But the prime...abandoning the auction. He said: "We have not ruled out foreign mining companies having a stake but our preferred...of the US; and China's Shenhua. Mongolia also has further untapped reserves...
By Patti Waldmeir in Shanghai and William MacNamara in,London
• February 9, 2010
Mongolia coal project still open to foreigners He said: “We have not ruled out foreign mining companies having a stake but our preferred...and China’s Shenhua. Mongolia also has large untapped...sharing deal with foreign mining companies. People close to the talks said Mongolia does not have the money or management...
By Patti Waldmeir in Shanghai and William MacNamara in London
• February 4, 2010
Mongolia signals shift on coal investment
...between the government and two mining companies – Rio Tinto, the...profile foreign investment in Mongolia was expected to continue...Morgan and Deutsche Bank did not respond to calls. Mongolian officials also could not be reached for comment.“The...previous ones,” said one Mongolia-focused mining executive. Ministers, he...
By William MacNamara in London

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