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2014.01.29. By Adam Hewison "10 Golden Rules of Trading". "Арилжааны 10 алтан дүрэм"-ийг дараах холбоосоор орж үзнэ үү гэжээ: 
2014.01.01. January 1, 2014.  By : "....Take a couple of minutes and watch this educational, "it just makes sense" trading video"... Each week, Adam Hewison will be sharing his favorite trading techniques with you.
Цуврал хичээлүүд нь Үнэт цаасны захын арилжаанд оролцож, "хувьцаа авч хөрөнгө оруулах, зарах", ногдол ашиг авах замаар "ОРЛОГО ОЛОХ ГЭСЭН ХҮН БҮРТ" ашиглахад хялбар техник шинжилгээний арга хэрэгсэл, ХУДАЛДААНЫ АРГА ТЕХНОЛОГИЙГ зааж сургах зорилготой ажээ.
"Traders WhiteBoard Lesson 1-2" хичээлийнх нь бичлэгийг нь дараах холбоос дээр дараад, үзэж сонсоно уу:


2013.12.17. Is This Stock A Lemon?
  Monday Dec 16th by Adam Hewison
2013.12.14. Watch Adam's Appearence On CNBC Asia Last night.

2013.12.13. By . "Two Killer Chart Setups" видео хичээлийг дараах холбоос дээр дарж үзэж, сонсоно уу: From: Blog <> To: <> : "I get excited when I see these chart setups forming, as I know the odds are extremely high that they will work and make money. What amazes me is after years of investing and trading, these chart setups keep recurring year after year and still work. These two killer chart setups can be found in stocks, futures, metals, Forex, and ETFs. When presented with certain obstacles and challenges, humans overall act in a predictable way. Charts reflect all the good and bad parts of human nature and that is why chart patterns and economic cycles keep repeating themselves over and over again. In this step by step video, I show you exactly what to look for in a chart and how to measure how far each move from my two killer chart setups can run." гэж бичжээ.
2013.12.10.Эх сурвалж: Traders Blog By Adam Hewison. "How To Use Fibonacci Retracements Fibonacci Retracements can help traders find significant price points and predict levels of support and resistance. It is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, identified by Leonardo Fibonacci in the thirteenth century. The relationships between those numbers are shown as ratios, and those ratios are used to identify possible reversal levels.  The Fibonacci Sequence and Ratios The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is calculated by adding the two previous numbers to get the next number in the sequence, beginning with 0 and 1 and extending infinitely. Each number is roughly 1.618 times greater than the preceding number, also identified as the “Golden Ratio.” 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 ... The common ratios used for retracements are 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%. The 23.6% ratio is found by dividing a number in the sequence by the number that is three places higher. The 38.2% ratio is found by dividing a number in the sequence by the number that is two places higher. The 61.8% ratio is found by dividing a number in the sequence by the number that is the next highest in the series. This is also the inverse of the “Golden Ratio.” The 50% ratio is not a key Fibonacci ratio, but is commonly included as an important retracement level.

Using Fibonacci Retracements

In a trending market, Fibonacci retracements can help traders determine how much a market might retrace before resuming its trend. A retracement is plotted by taking a high and low on a chart, and dividing the vertical distance by the Fibonacci ratios. These significant values, as determined by the ratios, then act as Fibonacci levels and represent areas of support and resistance. Эх үүсвэр нь:;mkt=embedshare   -oOo- Adam Hewison -ooc надад ирүүлсэн дараах видео хичээлийг хамт олондоо үзүүлнэ үү. New videos sponsored by Traders blog  2013.11.14. From: Blog < ,  To:
By Adam Hewison, How To Use Trend Lines.  Видео хичээлийг дараах холбоос дээр дарж үзнэ үү:  Please visit: -оОо- 2013.11.12. By Adam Hewison, Are Interest Rates Going To Kill This Bull Market? The Beat Goes On, Or Does It? Энэ тухай дараах холбоос ( link ) дээр дарж үзнэ үү -oOo- 2012.6.20. Daily Video Update: Why Fibonacci is so Important. Fibonacci Analysis of Gold and Crude Oil  Эх үүсвэр: From: Blog  Jun 20, 2012 at 6:09 AM To: -oOo- From: Mailed-by Jan 8, 2011 at 12:41AM. To: Chuluunbat, New Traders Blog Post Alert Mailed-by  Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 5:42AM Chuluunbat, Even if Santa leaves a lump of coal in your stocking, don't worry, we have a gift for you. We're talking about a real, free of charge, no obligation, gift. Right now you can take advantage of TWO WEEKS of MarketClub on us. If you've been considering taking MarketClub for a test drive, what better time than when you're getting ready for 2011 trading?No credit cards and no obligation, just sign-up and take advantage today. Click here to sign-up for TWO COMPLIMENTARY WEEKS of MarketClub - the club Where Members Profit. Happy Holidays! The MarketClub Team December 23, 2010 by Adam. Short-term traders exit long position on a RED Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,375.85 today and remain neutral for now. This short-term trade produced a Loss of $10.17 an ounce. What's ahead for crude oil? What a difference a week makes in the markets ''Traders Whiteboard" lesson, sponsored by Traders blog. 2010.10.08. This Reliable Formation In The S&P 500 Could Make You Money The Ultimate Price Target For Gold Has the price of gold reached its zenith? No leaks in this crude oil market  What makes a frustrating market?  Is it time to buy gold? - New Video
How Japanese candlestick charts can help you in the gold market A lesson in Fibonacci trading
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